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27/05/2014 - 16:04
To mark the occasion, this month’s astronomy instalment of Pythagoras’ Trousers included interviews with a few people of the Herschel team about their experiences.
13/01/2014 - 12:05
The Royal Astronomy Society (RAS) has awarded its 2014 Group Achievement Award to the team behind the Herschel Space Observatory's SPIRE instrument.
18/07/2013 - 11:53
The team behind the Herschel's SPIRE instrument has been awarded the 2013 Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Research

Past News Stories

18th Jun 2013
As of 17th June 2013 the Herschel spacecraft has been turned off, ending the operational phase of the mission
1st May 2013
Herschel has shown that galaxies in the early Universe were cooler than those we see around us today, indicating that early galaxies were more bloated.
27th Mar 2013
After nearly 4 years in space, Herschel has exhausted its supply of liquid helium coolant, and has ceased scientific operations.
4th Mar 2013
Herschel is nearing the end of its supply of liquid helium, crucial for keeping the instruments cool
18th Dec 2012
Astronomers using Herschel are asking the public to help find holes in the dust clouds that are threaded through our galaxy.
4th Dec 2012
Find out what's Herschel's been up to with an exciting Herschel Space Observatory Advent Calendar
26th Nov 2012
Herschel has discovered vast debris discs surrounding two nearby planetary systems containing relatively small planets.
13th Nov 2012
Professor Seb Oliver, from University of Sussex, talks about Herschel observations of distant galaxies, in online video.
30th Oct 2012
There is much debate about what to do with the Herschel spacecraft after the helium coolant runs out in 2013. One suggestion is to fly Herschel into the Moon!
8th Oct 2012
Matt Griffin answers questions sent in to the UK Space Agency as part of the 'Tweet The Expert' session celebrating World Space Week.
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