First Science Results from Herschel!

SPIRE and PACS iamge of a star formation region in the constellation of Aquila

Herschel scientists are meeting in Madrid to present the results from the Science Demonstration Phase of the mission.  This is the phase of the mission where the satellite and its instruments are stretched to their full capabilities.  A  number of results involving the SPIRE instrument and astronomers from the UK have been presented. Professor Matt Griffin, SPIRE Principle Investigator, said “The Herschel Science Demonstration meeting is what the SPIRE team has been looking forward to since the start of the project more than a decade ago, and the results being presented are even better than we dared hope before launch. Not only are the observatory and the instrument working very well, but it is already clear that in this unexplored region of the spectrum, the Universe is even more interesting than we thought.”

A teaser of a star formation region in Aquila is shown above, as seen by the SPIRE and PACS instruments.

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