Herschel at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition


Herschel scientists (Team Herschel) spent the week at the Royal Society Summer Exhibition along with Team Planck.  The exhibit was a huge undertaking, and was run magnificently by Chris North (from Cardiff) with help from PhD and undergraduate students to researchers, instrument builders and academics across the UK.  It went down extremely well with the public and everyone agreed it was a huge success.  We spoke to thousands of people during the week, not only showing off the models of Herschel, but also taking photographs with an infrared camera and talking to everyone about the excitement of seeing new images from such a unique telescope. It was also an opportunity to show off images of the Milky Way at different wavelengths using interactive software and a Wii controller  (created by Stuart Lowe, Rob Simpson and Chris North).

Thousands of postcards, pens, wristbands and keyrings were given out.   See more information on the exhibition here.  It was great to share our excitement and passion about what Herschel will do with the public.

The Royal Society ExhibitThe Royal Society Exhibit
Images of the exhibition.