Herschel at the Science Museum


The Science Museum held an exhibition of Herschel in the Antenna gallery this week.  Scientists from Cardiff University, Imperial and Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) spent three days chatting to the public about the Herschel mission and the exciting science we can look forward to over the next four years.    We spoke to thousands of people about the mission and everyone was excited and interested, especially when they found out it was a European Space Agency mission, and of course, that Herschel has the biggest mirror in space! 

Herschel at the Science Museum
Dr Chris Pearson from RAL stands next to the 1:4 scale model of Herschel.  The real observatory would have been too tall to fit in the gallery, standing 4 times bigger at 7m high!

The Antenna gallery is a new concept for the Science Museum, and the World's first gallery where a constantly updated series of exhibitions are devoted to breaking news stories. The Antenna is ground-breaking as it is a chance for the public to see the objects behind the headlines and meet scientists in regular live events.

If you missed the chance to meet Herschel scientists and find out why this is a ground-breaking mission, come along to our Royal Society exhibition where lots of scientists involved with the Herschel and Planck missions will be on hand to answer all your questions. 

The exhibition was organised by Tobin May and the following scientists came along to talk to the public: Allan Dowell (RAL), Chris Pearson (RAL), Dave Clements (Imperial), Edward Gomez (Cardiff), Haley Gomez (Cardiff) and Olly Poyntz-Wright (RAL).