Pythagoras' Trousers Radio Show: Herschel Special

Members of the Herschel team took part in a special edition of the science and technology radio show "Pythagoras' Trousers", broadcast on Radio Cardiff. The Easter Bank Holiday special was hosted by Dr Chris North, who interviewed Prof. Matt Griffin, Dr Jason Kirk, Dr Haley Gomez and Prof. Steve Eales, all from Cardiff University's School of Physics and Astronomy, as well as Dr Amanda Bauer from the Australian Astronomical Observatory. They discussed the Herschel mission and its scientific results, from star and planet formation to distant galaxies. You can download the latest episode, and all the previous ones, from the Pythagoras' Trousers website.

The weekly radio show is broadcast on Monday evenings at 8pm on Radio Cardiff (98.7 FM), and is downloadable as a podcast here. Each week, presenter Rhys Phillips takes a look at stories of interest from the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, bringing these fields to a wider audience and promoting these subject areas to school pupils. Dr North hosts a monthly Astronomy Roundup, while Hugh Lang provides a guide to the night sky.